Our references

EAT Stockholm Food Forum 2019

S-1500 on stage during the EAT Stockholm Food Forum 2019


BEAT on display at EFF EFF in Oslo.

Ozone Coffee Roasters UK

S-1500 delivered to Ozone Coffee in London UK.

Skovin gulv, annonse

R 60 C-table photographed for an advertisement forbindelse for Skovin gulv. The picture is taken at Smakfulle Rom in Sørum, Norway.


R-45 and R-48 at Sentralen in Oslo.

Sukkerbiten, Oslo

BEAT at Sukkerbiten in Oslo.

Gro-salen, Utøya

Blue Public and R-40 table in Gro-salen at Utøya, Oslo. R-40 table is delivered in white laminate with white frame.


White Public at NTNU in Trondheim.

Nordmarkens skola

Rio in black plastic shell at Nordmarken school in Sweden.

Kongsberg VGS

Samba delivered to Kongsberg.

Granmoen skole

Rio in black and yellow delivered to Granmoen school.

Frogner skole

Rio and Ringo delivered to Frogner skole.

Mo ungdomsskole

250 pcs S-1500 w/sledge at Mo ungdomsskole.

Tromsø trafikkskole

R 60 C + black og red Public delivered to Tromsø trafikkskole.

R-48: Arena/stadion

R-48 at Ystad Tattoo in Sweden // R-48 at Borås football stadium, Sweden
at TCP Halmstad Arena, Sweden // R-45 Lugnets cross country stadium, Falun Sweden
R-48 Scandinavian Masters, Sweden // R-48 tribune during Idol, televised singing contest
R-48 during the olympics at Lillehammer // R-48 Stockholm stadion.

Nordiska Muséet

S-1500 on stage at Nordiska Muséet.

Foto: Nordiska Muséet

Lade skole

Public Swing + Public black and yellow delivered to Lade skole by Kinnarps.

Sam Eyde videreående skole

Coda w/wheels delivered to Sam Eyde vgs.


Favn med setebrikke på Designbar under Stockholmsmessa.